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Leeb portable hardness testers

Dynamic method

Portable hardness tester which uses the Leeb method, the so-called dynamic method, in compliance with ASTM 7956 standard. In order to carry out the measurement, it is necessary to charge up the impact body of the device’s probe, install the probe on the tested surface, press the release button of the probe and the indenter will hit the sample with a certain force and velocity. After that, the hardness value will be displayed on the device screen. The measured hardness is calculated as the bounce velocity of the indenter (Vb) divided by the impact velocity (Va) and multiplied by 1000, that is: HL=1000×Vb/Va. The calculated HL value is converted in all the Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers scales.


The Leeb probe is used to measure the hardness of non-ferrous metals, cast iron, coarse-grained materials, massive products etc.


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UCI portable hardness tester, T-D2 bluetooth, novotest, crase

T−D2 hardness tester

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UCI portable hardness tester, T-D3 bluetooth, novotest, crase

T−D3 hardness tester

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Technical features:


Steel and alloy steel, tools steel, stainless steel, grey and ductile cast iron, alloy aluminum, alloy brass, zinc−bass, alloy bronze, alloy copper.




Hardness scales:
HRB − HRC − HV − HB − HS − HLD


Probe type:
DC − D+15 − C − G − DL, hardened ball


Measurng range:
HRB: 13.5 − 100; HRC: 19.6 − 68.5; HV: 80 − 999; HB: 30 − 680; HS: 31.9 − 99.6; HLD: 180 − 960


Accuracy (800 HLD):
± 0.5%


± 0.8%


Measuring direction:
0 − 360°


Minimum piece’s weight and thickness:
> 10 kg / 10 mm


Maximum roughness:
Ra 2 micron

Optional Bluetooth module


Thanks to the NOVOTEST app for Android, it is possible to carry out hardness measurements, calibrate the device, set up a convenient display of values, save the results of hardness measurements, synchronize the archive with your other devices and a PC, transfer measurement results to your colleagues with your smartphone.

Using a Bluetooth connection, your smartphone connects to the hardness tester and you have a completely new device. The intuitive interface, ample opportunities for documenting results, Internet access, touch screen, camera, microphone and GPS receiver of a smartphone turn the hardness tester T-UD2 into something completely unique and previously inaccessible.


With NOVOTEST App is possible to:


• Set and calibrate the hardness tester.
• Display measurement results in real time in numerical form with the construction of a graph, histogram or statistics.
• Take a picture of the test object with the putting of hardness marks.
• Create a video of the measured product.
• Recording audio notes about the tested object.
• Automatically save measurement’s geolocation on Google maps.
• Display a Google map with markers of places of measurements made on it and the ability to view these measurements.
• Create the final comprehensive report on the measurement.
• Send a finished report to e-mail, messenger (or in any convenient way) directly from the application.
• Create folders and files with any name thanks to the flexible structure of the archive of measurements.
• Synchronize with PC and other smartphones.
• Access a cloud service for storing the archive of measurements.
• Automatically and manually synchronize the cloud measurement archives between devices.
• Use the Google navigation mode, building a route and accompanying to the point at which the measurements were made.
• Store archives of other devices with Bluetooth in one application.