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Hardness and micro−hardness testers

The hardness tester is a high accuracy measuring machine used to measure a material’s hardness. Here you can find the hardness tester that best fits yor needs: Rockwell hardness testers, Vickers hardness testers or Brinell hardness testers.
CRASE is the official italian distributor of EMCO−TEST and can offer consulting, technical and calibration service.


Hardness testing is an important procedure in the distinction of materials, as well as for the analysis, development and improvement of materials and technologies. Thanks to this testing it is possible to determine specific parameters (hardness values) which are essential for using the material in industrial applications (suitability of a material for a technically relevant component) and for their acceptance in control processes for quality assurance. At the moment, hardness testing is one of the most used procedures in mechanical materials testing, especially for metals. It is an easy, fast and quite undestructive method; moreover it is a simple choice for quality control, for example for testing outgoing and incoming goods.

Durometro DuraJet G5, Emco-Test, prova durezza Rockwell, Crase

DuraJet G5

Rockwell test

Durometro N3A, Emco-Test, prova durezza Rockwell, Crase


Rockwell test

Serie durometri DuraScan G5, Emco-Test, prova durezza Vickers, Crase

DuraScan G5 series

Vickers test

Serie durometri DuraVision G5, Emco-Test, prova Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop, Crase

DuraVision G5 series

Brinell test