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Other non-destructive testing instruments

Portable videoinspection system
Sistema di videoispezione portatile, strumenti per controllo non distruttivo

The videoinspection systems allow the operators to visually reach even difficult parts, such as the inside of cylinders, pipes, tanks, machinery’s particulars, etc. The compact dimensions and the autonomy of use make them instruments able to work in any industrial field.

• Wireless screen and external SD memory.
• Combines high technology, versatility and ease of use.
• Possibility to record the realized inspections as videos or photographs.
• Modular conception which allows wireless communication between the main unit and the screen.
• Equipped with auto-illuminated LED optical sensor.
• Color monitor.
• Possibility to connect up to 9 extension cables (1 m each).

Standard supply:
• Main unit
• Color wireless monitor
• Probe
• Extension cable
• Support with hook
• Support with magnet
• Support with mirror
• Micro SD
• Carrying case
• Operating manual

Optional accessories:
• Probes Ø 4.5 − 9 − 16 mm
• Extension cable 1 m

Digital torquemeter with external cell
Torsiometro digitale a cella esterna, strumenti per controllo non distruttivo, Crase

The digital torquemeter is a high professional instrument specially designed to measure the torsion strength. This instrument is mainly used to verify dinamometer screwdrivers and keys, torque correctors, but also to monitor and calibrate related instruments or carry out break tests. The main application fields are: basic production sector, scientiphic research and all the productive realities that need to measure the torsion strength and calibrate the instruments internally.

Standard supply:
• Main unit
• Dashboard connection reducer
• Cable and software
• Operating manual

Optional accessories:
• Printer
• Joint simulators
• Control bench
• Calibration certificate