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Roughness testers for gears

Rugosimetri, controllo rugosità, macchine prova ingranaggi, Crase

Roughness measurement can be very important on some parts; it can make piece’s operating features change in a very significant way. Using the roughness tester models SA6210, SA6230 and SA6260 can make easier to measure these parameters. These instruments are recognised to be efficient in hard-to-reach points’ measurement. They are specially recommended for roughness measurement on gear teeth, along both profile and helix’s direction.

Non-destructive testing instrument used for measuring surface roughness. The possibility to measure different parameters and to set various measurement profiles makes it a highly professional device, suitable to operate both in production and in laboratory. The roughness tester is commonly employed for quality control activities and to check incoming and outgoing goods. Compliant with standards: ISO 4287, BS 1134, JIS B 0601, ASME B46.1.

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