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Gear testing machines

CRASE has been in gear’s market for more than 30 years; today is able to sell, assist and retrofit testing machines for spur and bevel gears measurement. We face problems about gears’ control thanks to our knowledge developed during years of fieldwork and thanks to today’s technology, presenting a wide range of offers.


We offer all necessary instruments for a complete gear’s control: gear measuring machines (manual, semi-automatic and CNC), for the geometrical testing of gear wheels, which measure the involute profile, the helix, the pitch and the eccentricity; gear engagement testing machines, for the functional measurement of gears through double-flank running test (more simple and used) and single-flank running test (which gives better and more accurate results); roughness testers, essential for roughness measurement on gear’s teeth.


The precision of gear wheels and shafts is very important: an inaccurate gear is noisy, causes vibrations, wears out quickly and lacks performance.