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Wireless hardness tester Lab UCI

Durometro portatile wireless Lab UCI a ultrasuoni, Novotest, prova durezza, Crase

Wireless portable hardness tester which implements the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impendance) method.

• Ultra-portable device for quick hardness testing anywhere – in laboratories or in field conditions, with autonomous continuous operation up to 20 hours.
• UCI hardness test method has almost no boundaries in relation to the test object, so this method is the most versatile of the existing ones.
• Special nozzles for measurements on flat and radius surfaces. The device can also be used without a nozzle for narrow and hard-to-reach places.
• Preset calibrations for steel, aluminum and brass. If necessary, it can be calibrated for any metal-scale combination.
• Multifunctional application with a user-friendly interface and cloud archive.
• The device connects with your smartphone through the NOVOTEST application downloadable from Google Play.

The NOVOTEST Lab application allows users to::
• Set up and calibrate the device.
• Get illustrations of measurements as graphs, histograms, and statistics.
• Save measurements with text-, audio-, photo- and even videos protocols.
• Transfer the protocol in one click by any convenient messenger or e-mail.
• Synchronize archive with cloud storage.

Technical features


Measuring range HRC: 20~70, HB: 90~650, HV: 230~940, Tensile strength, MPa: 370~1740, user calibrations for any range (e.g.: HV20-2000)
Scales HRC, HB, HV, HRA, HRB, MPa, and it can be calibrated for any other
Materials Steel, aluminum, brass and it can be calibrated for any other
Weight 170 g
Dimensions 160 x 26 (36 with nozzle) mm
Battery life 20 hours
Power supply / Charging Built-in battery / USB 5V
Operating environment Temperature: -30°C ~ 60°C – Humidity: 30% ~ 80% R.H.

Standard set:
• Hardness tester
• Special nozzles
• Software
• USB cable
• Case
• Operating manual

Available options:
• Hardness test blocks
• UCI probe test stand for thin sheets
• Portable grinding machine