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Thickness gauges

Ultrasonic thickness gauge UT-1M
Misuratore di spessori ad ultrasuoni, spessimetro, strumenti controllo non distruttivo, Crase

The portable ultrasonic thickness gauge UT-1M, for operative non-destructive testing of the thickness, works on the principle of ultrasounds’ propagation time measurement in the analysed material. The pulsations generator produces high frequency electrical pulses which agitate the probe. It converts the electrical signals into elastic (mechanical) vibrations – sound waves. These waves spread from the input surface to the reflective surface (bottom) and, once turned back, they are collected and converted into the electrical signal via PET. After that the device calculates the thickness of the tested object.

• Wide range of measurable thicknesses.
• Convenience and ease in operation.
• Select the type of probe through single button.
• Preset velocity of ultrasounds.
• Compensation of probe delay.
• Mapping the presence of acoustic coupling on the graphic display.
• Fixation of the last measurement result in the removal of the transducer surface.
• Ideal for products made of various metals, alloys and other materials; glass, plastic, composite and other products from non-metallic materials; the walls of the tanks, pipes, casing parts, sheets, overhead, and other structures, including the corroded surfaces, pitted, with scum, etc.

Standard supply:
• Electronic unit
• Transducer (probe), 1 pc
• 2 AAA batteries
• Charger
• Cable
• Operating manual
• Carrying case

Optional accessories:
• Couplant
• UT-probes
• Reference blocks

Ultrasonic thickness gauge through paintings
Spessimetro, misuratore spessori ad ultrasuoni attraverso vernici, strumenti per controllo non distruttivo, Crase

Non-destructive testing instrument designed to measure the thickness of uniform materials, it is able to distinguish the insulating coatings on metal bases. When Through painting mode is activated, it allows to measure the thickness of coated surfaces without having to remove the painted coating. The main work fields are nautical and pressurised containers (fire extinguishers, boilers, tanks) sectors. Compliant with legislation PED and D.M. 11/04/11.

• Compliant with international standards: ASTM E797, EN 15317.
• Combines ease of use with high accuracy.
• Extraordinary flexibility of use, tale da permettere di verificare gli spessori di superfici verniciate.
• Selection of the measuring scale (metric or imperial).
• Selection of the resolution (decimal or centesimal).

Standard supply:
• Main unit
• Standard probe
• Coupling gel 50 ml
• Cable and software
• Carrying case
• Operating manual

Accessori opzionali:
• Sonde opzionali
• Master di calibrazione 6 step
• Gel 50 ml / 260 ml / 1 lt / 5 lt
• Certificato di taratura

Coating digital thickness gauge TP-2020
Spessimetro digitale per rivestimenti, strumenti controllo non distruttivo, misuratore spessore, Crase

The portable digital coating thickness gauge TP-2020 is designed for non-destructive testing of coating thickness based on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thickness gauge can also measure next parameters: the depth of grooves and corrosion, surface roughness as well as temperature control, ambient humidity and dewpoint temperature. Coating thickness gauge TP-2020 has a wide range of measured thicknesses, from 0 to 60 mm, and it can use different types of probe depending on thickness, base and coating.

• Automatic sensor detection.
• Storing individual calibrations in probes memory.
• Average calculation, minimum and maximum indication.
• Transfer of measurement data to PC via USB.
• Shockproof housing with a special protective silicone bumper case.
• Four operating modes: Normal, Control, Statistics, Automatic Averaging mode.
• Different specialized probes to measure many parameters.

Standard supply:
• Electronic unit
• Standard probe (by customer’s choice)
• Reference thickness samples
• 2 AA batteries
• Charger
• USB cable
• Operating manual
• Carrying case

Optional accessories:
• Additional probes
• Batteries
• Set of reference thickness samples