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VMQ-100 instant video measuring system

VMQ-100 video measuring systems, instant, Crase

• Measuring sample can be placed randomly without fixture positioning; software can identify and match automatically.
• Unlimited dimension measurement; measurement task can be completed within 1 second.
• CAD drawing import for direct measurement.
• One-time measurement of the same type of measuring sample.
• Unique patent technology of edge extraction and lens distortion correction.
• Automatic lighting, greatly improves the repeatability.
• It can be compared with the measurement accuracy and repeatability of traditional video measuring machines.



This system is widely used in machinery, electronics, mold, injection molding, hardware, rubber, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision stamping, connectors, terminals, mobile phones, household appliances, printed circuit boards, medical devices, watches, knives and other fields.

Easy to operate without training


• Anyone can get started quickly without training.
• Simple interface, intelligent measurement, optimized operation process, real-time operation tips.
• All measurement data can be automatically recorded, statistical analysis can be generated with one key, measurement results can be printed in various file formats or directly printed by printer.

Various function, automatic report


• The software is divided into three functional modes: measurement setting, continuous measurement and statistical analysis.
• Continuous measurement can be used for real-time measurement and it can judge NG / OK without pressing the key, providing 80 tools of extraction and analysis , including feature extraction tools (such as maximum point, center line, arc, peak circle, etc.), auxiliary tools (such as arbitrary point line circle, fitting line, fitting circle, tangent line, inscribed circle, etc.), intelligent annotation tool, geometric tolerance tool, special application tool (such as R angle, etc.).

Technical features


Dimensions 480 x 240 x 680 mm
Weight 30 kg
Working stage capacity 3 kg
Software Fom2d
Camera 5 MegaPixel CCD industrial camera
Lens Double telecentric lens
Illumination Program controlled parallel light or telecentric parallel light, each section of brightness is controlled independently
Field of view 30 mm ~ 100 mm
Focus Manual
Measuring accuracy ± 3 µm
Measuring function Point, line, circle, multipoint line, multipoint circle, automatic circle, arc, multisection circle, automatic R angle, contour scanning, fixed point, peak line, circle, etc.
Tagging function Aligned, vertical, angular, radius / diameter
Geometrical tolerance Straightness, roundness, symmetry, profile, etc.
Virtual structure Center line, bisector, tangent point, tangent point of circle line, circle center, line center, etc.
Automatic template matching Support
Report function SPC analysis report (CPK, CA, PPK, CP, PP)
Software customization CAD import profile analysis, automatic management link, APP management application
Measuring quantity 99 pieces/second
Template quantity Unlimited
Power source AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Working environment Temperature: 23°C ± 2°C; Humidity: 20 – 80% RH

Packing list


Machine mainframe Dell 24” computer Mikrosize measuring software
Telecentric lens High resolution camera Surface lighting
Calibration block Power line Product certificate