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Other coating testing instruments

Film applicator
Strumenti per controllo non distruttivo, controlli per rivestimenti, applicatore pellicola, Crase

Film applicator AU-1 is designed for applying layers of paint and other materials of required thickness of the layer during the complex tests, according to ASTM D 823-E. It is possible to set the height of the gap by micrometer heads at the range of 10-6000 µm. The height of the gap should provide the necessary thickness of the layer of paint film. The applicator has to be placed on the edge of the test plate, than pour necessary amount of tested material in front of the gap and move the applicator along the plate at constant speed of 5-10 cm/s, dispensing continuous layer of the tested material on the plate.

Standard supply:
• Applicator AU-1
• Case
• Operating manual

Optional accessories:
• AU-1-150 – slot width is 150 mm
• AU-1-200 – slot width is 200 mm
• AU-1-300 – slot width is 300 mm

Erichsen cupping tester
Strumenti per controllo non distruttivo, controlli per rivestimenti, misuratore imbutitura erichsen, Crase

Erichsen stamp is designed to determine the elasticity and strength of coatings with a bowl-shaped bend (hood coverage for the Erichsen) in compliance with ISO 1520.
The device is designed to determine the strength of coating during indentation of a spherical tip of the punch of 20 mm diameter to the coated test sample, which position is secured on the matrix with internal diameter of 27 mm.

This method is an effective method of determining of the quality of coating, it allows simultaneously to evaluate the strength, adhesion, and elasticity of the tested coating.
The device allows user to accurately measure the strength of coating of the tested product on which static and dynamic loads affect during further operation.
The device allows user to measure elasticity, strength and durability of paint and varnish coatings and its resistance to stretching, cracking, peeling out of the metal surface by pressing the punch with a spherical tip on a certain depth.
The device consists of: steel body, which has two bonded frames; rotary clamping for securing the coated samples; vertical and circular scales for reading the value of depth of indentation of the punches.

Standard supply:
• Device
• Case
• Operating manual

Optional accessories:
• Indenters

Pinhole detector
Strumenti per controllo non distruttivo, controlli per rivestimenti, rilevatore fori stenopeici, Crase

Pinhole detector ED-3D was designed for rapid non-destructive testing of the continuity of coating (e.g. porosity of film) with thickness up to 500 mkm according with ASTM G62-A.
Pinhole detector is designed for testing the porosity of partially painted places and other discontinuities of protective dielectric coatings on metal products by putting low voltage through a sponge which is soaked in a liquid electrolyte with high penetrating properties.

• Fully ready to use
• Automatic calibration and voltage checking
• Low battery indicator
• Visual and audio alarms
• Wide range of interchangeable probes
• Universal model with three voltage value
• Easy to connect/disconnect cables with protection of crooking
• Big standard sponge

Standard supply:
• Electronic unit
• Holder with nozzle for sponge
• Sponge
• Electrolyte powder (Na2SO4 or NaCl)
• 3 AAA batteries
• Charger
• Cables
• Package
• Operating manual

Optional accessories:
• Sponge
• Electrolyte powder (Na2SO4 or NaCl)